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Retreats in Butler, Tennessee

Within the mountains of Tennessee is a retreat spot that has the perfect location for a nice event such as a wedding. This is the Sugar Hollow retreat. It is located on the Northeastern part of Tennessee and is a site that is most astonishing and can cause any one to be left mesmerized by its overwhelming aesthetic beauty. It is wide, approximately 300 acres and is home for a wide range of wildlife who make this region serene. Most people have their events at the Sugar Hollow Retreat because the background it has to offer.

Sugar Hollow Retreat is located in Butler and makes the ideal sport for nice chilled out retreat of outdoor event. This venue is exceptional because of its perfect mountain view. Most wedding take place here because the big question can be why not have it there. Wedding parties always find that this beauty offered by the natural life compliments their day and most essentially their union. Weddings at this venue are popular for having a personal feel and most of all being romantic. For people who love adventure or being one with nature and think of wedding venues in Tennessee then the perfect themed wedding would be the Tennessee mountain wedding.

A retreat in Butler is also a good idea due to the Watauga Lake that runs through it and makes the region ever green and the a well extravagant wedding destination. What the environment gives is an ideal region for just sitting back and relaxing and getting to enjoy every priceless moment in the mountain region.

The lake is not the only area in the mountain that makes it ideal for a wedding. There is the overlook deck that is just right for a small wedding or a small intimate ceremony. Here the back drop is the beautiful flowy water from the lake. There is also the Outdoor Amphitheatre that is just quiet enough for a special wedding or can even be upgraded to include bells for a thrilled ceremony. The place has a nice and equipped setting that makes it an ideal prime location.

Aside from the wedding setting that this place offers, there is also the Watauga Conference Center that make the place desired for a corporate retreat. It is known to be cozy, air-conditioned and well heated to make the place conducive. The green pastures of the Sugar Hollow Retreat give a nice location for business outdoor meetings or any team building exercises. The pasture is wide spread with plenty of flowers too.

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